Armatac Saw Mag PLUS Speedloader

Armatac Saw Mag PLUS Speedloader
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Armatac Saw Mag PLUS Speedloader
(Lead time before direct shipment is approx. 3 weeks-- is the latest info received from Armatac)These are the current production, factory direct Saw-Mags. With the recently added reforcement tabs under the assembly screws. The SAW-MAG offers for the first time a reliable and efficient 150 rd magazine for the .223/5.56mm rifle. Designed to fit NATO standard (STANAG-4179) rifles, the SAW-MAG quickly converts a rifleman with a standard M4 into automatic support personnel. The flexibility of such force multiplication makes the SAW-MAG the most dominant accessory for the M4/M16/M27/HK416 family of weapons.

The SAW-MAG was designed to have the lowest operating drag due to friction. The ammunition is contained individually inside the drums on sprockets, each cartridge gets its own separate space, the ammunition is picked off the sprockets when they spin, not a typical high friction convergence found on cheaper designs. This is why our system does not require graphite lubrication to work. Instead of funnelling the ammunition, the SAW-MAG uses a proprietary design that allows the ammunition to always be in a singular stream which results in a very low friction operation. Caliber-5.56mm/.223

One Speedloader comes with Saw-Mag Purchase. An additional Speedloader is available for $14.99.

Weight 3.9 lbs

(SAW-MAG loaded HK416 =16lbs (M249 Unloaded 17lbs)

Capacity-150 Rounds


Body Material- Hi-impact Glass Nylon

Tower-Heat Treated Steel to USGI specs